Özlem Ömer is an assistant professor at Haci Bektas Veli University in Turkey. Her research interests include growth and inequality, distributive impacts of economic policies, forces and dynamics of structural change in developed and developing countries, financial crises and information theoretic approaches to modeling political economy. Her work combines theoretical, methodological, historical, structural and policy oriented aspects of macroeconomic issues by employing modern modeling techniques in her research.

Ömer has recently worked on a structural analysis of production, productivity, real wages, profit shares and employment across the sectors to understand the distributional dynamics of the existing structures of the US and Turkish economies. She has also written on the dynamics of the market behaviors during economic crises using information entropic maximum entropy methods.

Ömer has taught Macroeconomics, Growth Theories, Growth, Inequality and Discrimination, Methodology of Economics, Monetary Theory and Policy, and Turkish Economy.

She holds an MS in economic policy from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a PHD from the New School for Social Research.

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Wealth Concentration, Income Distribution, and Alternatives for the USA

Paper Working Paper Series | | Sep 2015

US household wealth concentration is not likely to decline in response to fiscal interventions alone.

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