Podcast: Economics & Beyond


Matt Morrison: Rising Insecurity and Focus on Identity Politics Helped Propel Trump

Dec 3, 2020

Executive Director of Working America, Matt Morrison, talks about the political and economic factors that originally helped Trump succeed and how Democrats can build on their 2020 victory


Eugene McCarraher: The Religion of Capitalism

Oct 26, 2020

Eugene McCarraher, Associate Professor of Humanities at Villanova University and author of the book, The Enchantment of Mammon, talks about his book and how society has not really become more secular because it shifted its focus from the worship of God to the worship of markets.


Martin Wolf: On Rebuilding Trust in Uncertain Times, Pt 2

Oct 23, 2020

Financial Times economics commentator Martin Wolf continues the conversation about how societal fragmentation benefits the well-off and that only greater equality can reestablish trust between social groups and the state