Articles and analyses from the INET community on the key economic questions of our time.


The Challenges to Portugal’s EU Presidency

Dec 13, 2019

Many of the challenges facing the new EU Presidency will need to be addressed not only at the European level but within a reinvigorated multilateral framework.


Ideology is Dead! Long Live Ideology!

Aug 12, 2019

Economists like to say they’re immune from ideological influence. Our research shows the opposite.


AI is Forcing Us to Rethink Economics

Aug 9, 2019

INET’s grantees and Commission on Global Economic Transformation are looking at artificial intelligence and society.


Capitalism’s Great Reckoning

Jun 24, 2019

As the maladies of modern capitalism have multiplied, fundamental questions about the future of the world’s dominant economic model have become impossible to ignore. But in the absence of viable alternatives, the question is how to reform a system that is increasingly at odds with democracy.


Socialism in Our Time?

May 21, 2019

One of America’s leading socialists discusses how a collectively owned economy would be structured, the limits of the welfare state, and what Keynes understood that Marx didn’t


Why We Need New Measures of Potential Output—and What They Tell Us

May 16, 2019

Everyone is waking up to the fact that estimates of what is possible in the economy are way off: this paper explains why